Onan Clan

Clan that is rapidly gaining influence and power across Tyvek, especially in the west. Some members of society are suspicious of the clan, believing it to secretly be a cult, using dark rituals to gain power. Others sympathize with the clan’s efforts, and while they don’t join themselves, they defend it when others criticize it.

As the party learns, the clan is in fact a communist society, whose members share everything equally. However, as with any good communism, the higher ranking members get more money and power.

Through investigating strange occurrences surrounding the clan, the party learns that the clan is indeed an evil cult, led by vampires. This revelation prompts the government of Omnitech to purge the city the cult, driving out the vampires and their spawn. The rest of the clan, meanwhile, fervently denies having any business with the occult, and declares that the cult based in Omnitech was a corrupt faction that was in no way associated with the rest of the clan.

The public throughout the rest of Tyvek has mixed reactions, with some becoming more suspicious, while others become more defensive.

Onan Clan

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