Story Log

This campaign is set in a land where the “Onan Clan” is gaining a surprising amount of cultural influence, and many view this clan as a cult because it has been suspected of doing many evil deeds to gain power in these lands. The party starts in a small village called Acer, which is right on the border if civilization and a great wilderness of barren lands. To the East there is the uncivilized natural area, and to the West there is the rest of civilization. The Onan Clan started on the Western end of civilization, and it is slowly gaining power throughout more of the land. The town of Acer has not been affected, because they the last town to the East.

Session 1

The party all met up in Acer and decided to head West to the city of Omnitech. Omnitech is a city that is very interested in science, philosophy and religion, and they have not been affected much by Onan. There is a district of the city where the clan lives, but they have very little influence.

On the way to Omnitech, they stopped to kill some kobolds in a cave. When they got there, Stephen found the church of his Cleric deity, Pelor, and he made friends with them, specifically the head of the church Father Gregor. The party did some basic tasks to help out the church, and the church gave them a place to sleep.

Session 2

The party did more jobs for the church, including killing some bandits in a cave. As they left the bandit cave, they saw a wagon train of Onanites heading to settle in the Onan district of Omnitech. The Onanites tried to recruit them, and the party realized that the clan was a communism.

Session 3

Only had 3 players, so no real plot development happened. They stole from a magic shop and beat up a small gang.

Session 4

The party met Ben in a bar as he was being attacked by Onanites for singing songs about the free market. Then the party did some quests for the University, they stopped some hooligans form stealing books and they got a book back from the wilderness that was protected by dire apes.

Harold, Gregor, Wrigley, Charleston, and Nodim are all waiting at the church where the party is sleeping. They say the statue has been stolen and they want the party to get it back discreetly. They cannot get involved or it could look suspicious, and the church seems to trust the party.

The party infiltrated the base, found some incriminating books:

The Underworkings of Omnitech
History of Gov’t Overthrow in Omnitech
Poisons Found Naturally in Nature
The Dirty Truth about Lord Nodim
Using Sociology to Your Advantage for Dummies (and Evil Cultists)

Then the went into the basement and found prisoners. They found the statue, and then they found Vespar (a vampire) who was leading the cult in Omnitech. Vespar was feeding off the prisoners, possibly creating spawnlings. Hence expeditious retreat.

The party took the statue and books back to the church, which proceeded to many cult members being arrested. However, Vespar fled before they got to him. Most of the officers of the cult knew about the cult planning some sort of domination attempts, but all the commoner cult members knew nothing. The Onan Clan as a whole said this was not something they knew about, and they refuse to acknowledge Clan existence in Omnitech. The public somewhat suspects the cult of all being evil, but not to the point where they can really start interrogating anyone about it.

The party traveled down to Delta, where they met up with Ben’s old bartender friend, Schmitt. Schmitt told them about the group called Anonymous, which is a group with purpose to take down the cult. They are operating underground, but they are going public soon because of the recent events with your party’s discovering some cult secrets. The party did a basic mission of helping out an Anonymous member with taking care of some thieves.

Session 5

Schmitt congratulated the party on taking care of the thieves and asked if we wanted to join Anonymous. The party declined and left the Anonymous base. Upon exiting the base the party was ambushed by rogues and kidnapped. Hours later, we woke up in a carriage being taken back to Omnitech, however, a member of Anonymous showed up and helped us escape. The party defeated the rogues, returned to Omnitech and joined Anonymous.

Our party was given a mission by Anonymous to investigate a Cult ship which was in the harbor to see if they were transporting any incriminating evidence away to avoid detection when Anonymous went public. Aeling disabled the ship so it couldn’t sail, then he and Ben disguised themselves as cultists and entered the ship where they found wondrous items, around 16 prisoners and three vampire spawnlings. Ben maintained his disguise while Aeling and the rest of the party killed two guards on the dock. The party attacked the ship and defeated a bunch of swashbucklers. Then Aeling went down to the lower deck to retrieve the wondrous items, but was ambushed by the vampire spawnlings. The rest of the party rushed to help and defeated the spawnlings. We then proceeded to loot the ship. After we grabbed the loot a vampire came out of another room and we ran.

Session 6

The party notified Anonymous about the vampire on the boat, but he escaped. The prisoners were freed. The party then went back to the inn to sleep, when we woke, the Cult had taken over the city. The three leaders of Anonymous, Guy Fawkes, V and the Dark Knight, informed us that they suspected three buildings in town of being the Cult’s headquarters in Delta. We were tasked with investigating one while they split up and handled the others.

We broke into the building via a side window and killed everyone on the first floor. Then we went upstairs and did the same thing. At the end up a hallway upstairs, the party discovered a secret door that led down into a basement. The basement was a long tunnel where three spawnlings were waiting to ambush the party. However, thanks to the detect undead spell cast by Celeritas, the cleric, the party was forewarned and defeated the spawnlings. We killed some more enemies and found some wondrous items, then reached a fork in the tunnel.

It turned out that the tunnels under all the suspected Cult headquarters buildings met up here, and the party reunited with V and the Dark Knight. We were going to storm into the main underground room on Guy Fawkes’ signal. Suddenly BOOM! The ceiling exploded and we rushed into the room to see sunlight streaming in klling the vampire Malfoy and a bunch of spawnlings. We chased a Cult member down a tunnel and defeated him. Anonymous finished rounding up any surviving Cult members and took control of the city back from the Cult. At this point, many more people suspect the Cult than they did previously and the party has become famous.

The party then decided to travel to the island town of Coby. We protected a ship from pirates.

Story Log

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