The Cult of Onan Campaign

The intent of the wiki is for the players to write down important things that the Dungeon Master says, to keep information stored and easily accessed. Act as though you are creating Wikipedia or a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy specifically for this campaign. Notice the tabs you have above. There is the Adventure Log, which you could use if you want, there are characters you can make, which you should do for every NPC you meet that seems potentially important. There is also a Forum which could be useful for discussion. The Obsidian Portal map tool is not as useful as I would like, so I am using Photoshop but I have it shared on my computer.

To get started with the wiki go to the Main Page. It is now you and your party’s responsibility to make this an epic wiki.

If you missed any sessions, read the Story Log to get yourself caught up in plot. Everyone in the campaign will be at the same level, but if you miss a session you don’t get any gold or loot from it. Also, I have been doing the story log until now, but I am going to start letting you guys do that. You could use the Adventure Log tool that Obsidian Portal gives you, but it organizes the posts with the most recent one at the top, which means if you want to read multiple session its will be weird, but if you just want to look at the most recent session’s adventures it might be more useful. As a party you can decide if you want one or the other or both. (Other being the Story Log wiki page.)

Cult of Onan

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